Some Summer

There are just no two ways about it, last summer went by waaayyy too fast!!  I’m officially ready for the sun to come back out to stay and play a while.  This is the sweet Harrington family, we started planning their session almost a year before we shot it because they had just found out they were expecting their baby boy, it was so worth the wait and still one of my favorite sessions of 2013.  :)

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Hello Out There!!

Oh this poor, poor blog!  2013 sure left it neglected!!  Blogging is such a hard thing for me, when I get busy I put it off and then when I have time I would much rather be playing Zelda with my boys or at the pool.  If you haven’t already I am going to strongly plug liking our Facebook page, it is so much easier for me to keep up on and you can find a lot of our recent work there.  In an effort to have this blog not suck I am going to be posting a few of my favorite sessions from last year.  This first one is not so much a session as it was an amazing experience I will always remember being a part of.  8 and a half years ago I photographed the wedding of Jesse and Laura and over the years they have become great friends of ours which I am just so grateful for.  In August they welcomed baby number 5 into their family and I was so honored when they asked me to be there for it.  Photographing births is probably my most favorite thing to photograph, ever.  It is so full of emotion and love and connection, seriously,  amazing.  Enjoy!

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Erin - I am so amazed at how you managed to capture all the emotion in those photos. They brought tears to my house, absolutely amazing.January 9, 2014 – 4:52 pm

Brett + Lacey

Sometimes we have sessions that we come home reeling from, they were just that great.   With Brett & Lacey we had one of those sessions, it was a beautiful night and by the end of it my cheeks hurt from laughing so much, it was awesome!

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Jill Seare - Gorgeous! All of them!May 20, 2013 – 4:17 pm

Tawna - Wow!! these are totally awesome pictures! I am so amazed!! You were so wonderful to work with too, such a fun night! thank you! thank you!!!May 20, 2013 – 4:56 pm

Tina Platt - Amazing Pictures!!!!!!May 21, 2013 – 9:06 am

Lucille Ridd - What a bunch of awesome pictures! And it was a fun session too!
Should be a very happy union.
Absolutely love the one where the sun is going down.
Love & Best Wishes, Grandma Lucille & Gramps LeonMay 24, 2013 – 12:07 pm

Mitzi Jo Allred - What a delightful set if gorgeously crafted photos! Beautiful People, Beautiful Landscapes, Beautiful Celebration…I am so teary-eyed happy!!May 26, 2013 – 2:50 pm

Dan and Melissa - Amazing shots! Love the creativeness of it all!December 3, 2013 – 1:29 pm

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