Jury Duty

Yeah, you heard right, JURY DUTY!! When I first recieved the letter stating that I had to be there or I would be thrown into jail I was a little freaked out! I have a vague memory of a movie with Demi Moore in it about jurors getting knocked off one by one, and frankly I am just not ready to be knocked off. I am also not quite ready to be thrown into jail either so I showed up this morning. There were about 30 of us there and they only neeeded 8 jurors, so I thought for sure I would be able to go home, no problem! Um, wrong! I was the second to last person they asked to stay, so close! Anyway, the trial started right away and soon it all became very interesting to me, and I am glad I had the oportunity to be there. Of course I can not discuss the trial with anyone (seriously, how cool does that make me sound! Ha!) but we did get a snack, and the judge is kinda funny, and I get to go back tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Luckily we got out early enough that I was still able to do another amazing trash the dress session tonight!! So stay tuned, jury duty permitting, I should have a few photos to show you in a day or two!

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