All new for 2007!!

Hello All!! So now I am a blogger! We are excited to add this blog to our business! I think that this will be a fun way that I can share some favorite photos that I take throughout the the year and also let all of you in blogland know about special deals and updates! I hope too, that through this blog I will be able to share a bit more of myself and the photography that I love!

So here is the first photo ever on my blog and I think that it is just perfect that it is of Ben & Kim as they were the first couple I had the pleasure of shooting in 2007! They had such a beautiful wedding. This was the first time I had met Ben and he ended up being a really “fun guy” so it was great for me to share this day with them! Thanks Ben & Kim!!!

Since I am very new at this all, any comments or words of advice would be greatly appreciated! I am excited for what 2007 has in store for me and FunnyFace Photography!


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