Hello There!

So this past week I was down in St. George and it was very awesome.  Except my blogging plans for the whole week were foiled when I had no internet access all week!!  So be ready for blogging overload this week, I have tons to share!!  First up tonight is Sarah, it is her birthday month and she told me she really wanted a smokin’ hot photos of herself.  Well, that I can do, and really, she made it easy.  Check her out, she is the mother of five, yes FIVE!  She also runs her own business and is really the bestest friend anyone could ask for.  In fact, I think that she is so awesome I created a fan page for her, so hop on over and become a fan of Sarah and she’ll be your friend too!!  Happy Birthday Month!!

smokin hot mama_0048

smokin hot mama_0011
smokin hot mama_0007
smokin hot mama_0002

smokin hot mama_0046
smokin hot mama_0038
smokin hot mama_0031
smokin hot mama_0025
smokin hot mama_0023
smokin hot mama_0022
smokin hot mama_0017

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