Still getting used to this blog thing!

Okay, I think it is going to take some time for me to get used to the idea of writing here! I am always wondering, “Is it too soon to write again?” or “Have I waited too long?” I am just not sure so I think that when I get time, or when I think of something fabulous to write about I will just pop on here and get it all out! Tonight I am excited about the last few shoots I have done, they have been really fun! Most people don’t know this but in November Mike and I cleaned out the garage and turned it into a little studio! Both of these photos where taken there. Both of these, as you can see, where shot on white but we have about 9 different backdrops that have turned out to be really fun to play with! I am totoally excited about getting better at this studio stuff and I appreciate all those who have let me practice on them!
So that is all I have for now, except to say that please keep checking back as a cool contest is in the works!

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