We Love Jessica!

I would like you to meet the Schmitt family!  They are pretty much the nicest people you will ever meet, they live in my neighborhood and right from the start they reached out to us and made us feel so welcome, I loved them immediately!  A few days before Christmas they received the worst possible news that a family could get, their sweet little four year old Jessica has stage 4 cancer. To read her full story go to:  http://jessicasmiracle.blogspot.com

In hearing this news my heart just sank, I hurt for them and like many others I started to think about what I could do to help them out.  There was a fund raising yard sale last Saturday and it was such an honor to be a part of that, I seriously could not believe how the community pulled together, amazingly awesome does not even begin to cover it.  So many people donated so many things (it covered a total of 5 yards and driveways!) and so many people showed up to shop, it was amazingly awesome times infinity! (as my boys say! :))

(This is Isaac, Jessica’s bud)

I was incredibly happy to help out but still I felt like I could do more, so I sat down and created something I hoped Jessica would love, something that might make her smile, and something that would share hope with her and anyone that saw it.  The following 3 art prints are what I came up with and my hope is that I can continue to spread the word about helping this wonderful family and continue to help in the fund raising efforts.  Each print is 12×12 and printed on lustre photo paper and is for sale separately and also together as a set.  All the profits will go directly to the Schmitt family.  If this art work isn’t your thing but still want to help then head on over to Jessica’s Blog and click on the donate button!  Also, another way to help is to spread the word, share the link to this fund raiser and share the link to her blog and don’t forget to keep Jessica in your prayers!

Butterfly for Jessica $10 (12X12 lustre print)

Flower for Jessica $10 (12X12 lustre print)

Shine On Jessica $10 (12X12 lustre print)

And here is what the set looks like together!

All 3 Jessica prints for $25 (3-12X12 lustre prints)

I thank you in advance for any help that you offer!  We love Jessica and her family and hope she can be home soon!

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